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« … the phenomenon of opera which pulsates through
his blood and nerves.
Without any doubt, he has to be considered
as one of the chief protagonists of the European musical theater. »

Götz Friedrich, General Director Deutsche Oper Berlin


« Giancarlo del Monaco gave the proof that his name will be written
in the operatic history of the 20th century. »



« With his pedigree, his vision and his backstage ebullience,
Giancarlo del Monaco proves himself a thrilling director. »

Time Magazine


« The most striking contribution to this emphatically successful project
(The Metropolitan Opera production of the Girl of the Golden West) would seem
to come from the stage director Giancarlo del Monaco whose staging may be
the most detailed, atmospheric version since the world premiere 81 years ago... »

The Los Angeles Times, Martin Bernheimer


« Il Festival de Opera 2009 di Tenerife sotto la direzione artistica
di Giancarlo del Monaco, artista geniale del teatro musicale internazionale,
si è aperto con un bellissimo allestimento del capolavoro di Richard Strauss,
“Salome”. »

Sabino Lenoci, “L’Opera”, 2009


« Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. Un’edizione davvero esemplare...
Questi parte da una considerazione geniale :
la regia del “Wozzeck” è perfetta ... »

Paolo Isotta, “Il Corriere della Sera”, 28 ottobre 2007



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Masada Carmen



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