“Attila”, Giuseppe Verdi

Korea National Opera

7 – 10 April, 2022

Verdi’s opera will premiere in Korea. It is an opera based on the story of Attila, a legendary figure in European history, remembered as a great warrior and ruler of the Huns in some countries, and as a cruel and brutal barbaric king in others. reflects the aspirations of Italians for freedom and reunification of Italy. In 452, Attila the Hun invades Aquileia, Italy. Odabella, warrior and daughter of the Lord of Aquileia, vows revenge and risks her life in fighting against Attila, eventually killing Attila and freeing the people. It is one of the rare operas with a prominent progressive female figure. The soprano aria “Oh! Nel fuggente Nuvolo” and base aria “Mentre gonfiarsi l´anima” leaves a deep impression. It is directed by Italian master Giancarlo del Monaco and conducted by the promising Maestro Valerio Galli. 

Conductor  Valerio Galli

Stage director, set designer, costume designer Giancarlo del Monaco

Attila Jeon Seung Hyeon, Jun Hyuck Park

Ezio   Tito You, Seung Wang Lee

Odabella  Se Gyeong Lim, Yun Jung Lee

Foresto  Andrea Shin, Ui Geun Jung

Uldino  Tae Hwan Koo

Korean Symphony Orchestra

The National Chorus of Korea