Direttore: Andriy Yurkevych
Regia: Giancarlo del Monaco
Scene: Mark Väisänen
Costumi: Marie-Luise Walek
Luci: Hans-Rudolf Kunz
Maestro del coro: Jürg Hämmerli
Orchestra: Philharmonia Zürich
Coro: Opernhaus Zürich

Enrico VIII – Luca Pisaroni
Anna Bolena – Anna Netrebko

Giovanna Seymour – Veronica Simeoni
Lord Rochefort – Ruben Drole
Lord Riccardo Percy – Ismael Jordi
Smeton – Judith Schmid
Sir Hervey – Yujoong Kim

“Suspicion and terro on the throne: a fine Anna Bolena in Zurich.
Two scenes in particular will stay with me a long time. First, at the beginning of Act II, the imprisoned Anna stands before a gallery of even hugely oversized Baroque-framed smoky mirrors, while the choir sang, “Oh where are the false flatterers of her happy days?” The illusion of golden memories did not go unnoticed, nor did the fact that we − the audience, the glass reflected − were among the partners in crime. Anna’s loneliness was terrifically poignant there. Equally effective dramatically was her decapitation. When another huge gold-gilt frame was lowered from the heights, Netrebko − again with her back to the audience − stretched her arms out, side to side, and bent forward over its lowermost slat. Poof! Her head was gone: The simplest of devices, yes, but one with a powerful effect.”
Sarah Batschelet, “Bachtrack”, 26 marzo 2015